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Our aim is never to replicate, but to innovate.

Coolertech Ltd as an operation is run by a team of experienced and skilled design engineers with a huge depth of knowledge based on longevity of build. Our Research and Development Team is tirelessly committed to sourcing superior materials and developing advanced manufacturing processes to ensure our products are always at the cutting edge of industry technology. We are confident that we can always come up with the best solution that meets your company’s long term objectives in the transportation of all temperature-sensitive goods, from a ‘Monet’, through to fine Scottish smoked salmon.

3.5 Tonne Box Body – AiroSprint Design

The technical team at Coolertech have been toiling away on the development of one of the company’s latest products. After extensive R&D, Coolertech is delighted to introduce to the market its innovative AiroSprint Box Body range.

This new innovation has been designed specifically for the Mercedes Sprinter chassis cab and features a narrower, more streamlined body which follows the lines and width of the vehicle’s cab.

The concept is aimed at home shopping operations where deliveries may take drivers through more restricted, tighter areas, with little margin for error. The slimmer, yet beautifully proportioned AiroSprint body will help to limit body accident damage through such routes.

Additionally, for operators who enjoy the sense and feel of driving a van, but need some of the benefits of a box body, AiroSprint could be ideal. With an increase in capacity – both physical space and payload – over a standard van, this clean looking vehicle is something of a ‘two in one’.

A lightweight body styling kit has also been designed to complement the shape, colour and form of the cab’s bumper section and door detail trim. With special, formed wheel-arches and no significant weight increase to the vehicle, this kit enhances the overall good looks of the vehicle.

The new AiroSprint’s svelte silhouette is doubtlessly most aesthetically pleasing, whilst, at the same time, this new build range provides an extremely practical and functional lightweight vehicle solution.



3.5 Tonne Box Body – AiroVantage Design

We are proud to be launching the first of our AiroVantage range on a box body design.

The AiroVantage range integrates aerodynamic design alongside advanced refrigeration technology aimed at increasing refrigeration capacity on both chilled and frozen application.

Having worked closely with a refrigeration company, we have devised a ‘Ram Air’ effect over the condenser coil, increasing capacity by up to 15% of the original publicised information.

Alongside this, we have designed the box body with a slim-line evaporator which sits in a sunken position in the roof panel in special mouldings to increase the internal load capacity.

The whole AiroVantage range is based around the Mercedes Euro 6 Sprinter product.



Type Approval

Coolertech Ltd is delighted to have been awarded:

Conformity of Production

Scope of Clearance: N1 N2 N3 for European Whole Vehicle Type Approval

Type Approval for goods vehicles has been a thorny subject in the commercial body builder industry for some considerable time, with the issues of additional paperwork filling, audit trails and additional costs on the downside. However, those who argue for the advantages of Type Approval may cite environmental, security and Health and Safety improvements – driving some of the smaller, less scrupulous companies out of the industry – along with true, meaningful quality measures that are a long time overdue.

At Coolertech, we have really embraced the whole process of Type Approval and have taken the decision to invest in the future of our company, both financially and operationally. Several months after our initial enquiries into the whole process, we are delighted to announce that we are now able to produce a Certificate of Conformity (CofC) for each vehicle manufactured.




Temperature control and weight criteria have become ever more important in distribution, from small car derived vans, through to 26 tonne trucks. Supermarkets, in particular, have taught us that every ounce is an additional ‘Haribo’, so design really matters!

All too often, people are tram-lined into thoughts on aerodynamics without considering the weight implications or the longer-term objectives of the vehicles in regards to operation.

We have taken on the challenge of weight in our conversions and box bodies, both from a payload and fuel consumption perspective, as well as the operation and maintenance of the refrigeration equipment, internal volume and the materials used.

All vehicles are now weighed from delivery and prior to conversion. We then weigh the vehicle again after conversion and details are made available in the vehicle cab, instructing the customer of performance of the conversion.

Our experience and knowledge at Coolertech Ltd has proved crucial to a number of operators in improving vehicle operations, both in terms of fuel economy and payload.