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KFF Case Study



Nature of business:

KFF is a supplier of top quality chilled and frozen speciality foods.


KFF operates a fleet of over sixty vehicles, ranging from 3.5 tonne to semi-trailer, on a nationwide basis.

Problems faced by the client:

There has always been a requirement by KFF to utilise eutectic refrigeration equipment for low temperature operation. The biggest challenge is to operate this eutectic equipment in a heat/chilled environment to maintain +2 °C, guaranteeing correct temperature delivery.


To operate a deep frozen, multi-drop distribution, alongside delicate chilled with the use of eutectic equipment.


We were able to design a dual compartment box body with a generous chilled area which also has heat capability on both standby and road which guaranteed fine line temperature control.

Results observed:

We constructed eight 14 tonne vehicles all with Iveco chassis cabs. The Coolertech box bodies were designed around the refrigeration equipment and vice-versa. This underlines the importance of selecting a bodybuilder whose understanding of refrigeration is as comprehensive as its box body design and construction knowledge. Furthermore, one who also takes responsibility for the installation of the fridge.