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KFF 12 Tonne Case Study



Nature of business:

KFF is a supplier of top quality chilled and frozen speciality foods.


KFF operates a fleet of over sixty vehicles, ranging from 3.5 tonne to semi-trailer, on a nationwide basis.


KFF was looking for vehicles that would provide added operational flexibility to its fleet.


On this particular occasion, KFF moved away from its favoured route of eutectic refrigeration systems, as the company wanted greater flexibility on the operation of some of its vehicles.

For this order, Coolertech created a box body design which would utilise a Frigoblock forced air refrigeration system instead of the fridge manufacturer’s eutectic system that KFF usually specifies. Each 12 tonne Iveco vehicle features a dual compartment body which is perfectly suited to KFF’s multi-drop operation of deep frozen and chilled foods.

Results observed:

KFF has gained the additional flexibility it required of its fleet, enabling the company to continue to provide its efficient distribution service to clients on a national basis.

KFF has also planned to increase its fleet during 2015. The company has orders pre-booked with us for 10 new 12 tonne vehicles, 5 of which will feature eutectic systems, and 5, forced air. The advance scheduling of these new builds illustrates the forward-thinking nature of both companies.

As part of our ongoing and ever-improving partnership with KFF, we have also developed together a new 3.5 tonne box body product. This will be detailed in a further case study on this site in due course – so do keep an eye out for it.