Fridge Bodies

Intelligent ways to meet long-term transportation needs

At Coolertech, we design and manufacture a comprehensive range of high quality refrigerated box body vehicles. We pride ourselves on our ability to produce durable and versatile insulated bodies that last. Furthermore, each of our box bodies comes with a ten-year construction warranty, as standard, providing added peace of mind.

The Coolertech body features an all-bonded construction, making it immensely strong. As no mechanical fixings are used within the box’s construction, the potential for water ingress and the associated damage is reduced. The resulting build is robust yet lightweight, and, importantly, thermally efficient.

Weight is always an important issue for food distributors and we are frequently asked what payload our designs can achieve. With decades of collective experience, our skilled design engineers specialise, in particular, in devising weight-savings solutions for our van conversions and box bodies. We are all too aware of the importance of every kilogram saved and work in close consultation with our clients to ensure the optimum payload can be achieved.

Our bodies are constructed utilising five-element insulated panels manufactured in-house. These sandwich panels feature high specification, closed cell insulation material. The panel is very easy to repair in the event of an accident, as the construction has high impact resistance which localises damage, rather than transferring it throughout the entire body. This makes the repair quicker and easier, reducing vehicle down-time and minimising costs. In addition, once repaired, the damaged section will look as good as new.

Another benefit of the Coolertech box body is its ability to be transferred onto a new chassis when it is time to change. As the body is expected to outlast even the very best chassis, it is designed from the outset to be swapped easily and economically, offering obvious financial benefits over renewing both elements every time.

Once you have become a Coolertech owner, you will be reassured to know that your box body will be supported out in the field should you have any little mishaps. Our Mobile Bodywork Repair Service operates on a national scale and each of our well-equipped service vans carries a comprehensive range of spare parts. Our aim is to restore your body to its pre-accident condition, alleviate any vehicle down-time and of course help you to maintain your ten-year warranty.

With first class products and after-sales, selecting the Coolertech brand really is a prudent choice.